Wired Technologies is actually a “communications “company. We help our clients get their message across more effectively through the use of electronic systems. Whether it is a house of worship, a corporate boardroom, a government council chamber, or a courtroom, Wired Technologies has a solution to help you communicate more effectively.

Imagine your house of worship being a place where each person in attendance can hear every nuance of what is said or sung without being made uncomfortable by high volume levels. Imagine further pushing one button at the beginning of a service and having the audio come to life, already calibrated for the number of people in the room, projectors come to life and screens lower into position, shades on the windows drop and the lights levels all adjust to give your room that perfect ambience.

Imagine your boardroom being a place where staff goes to hold meetings with anyone throughout the world. No need to travel because nothing will be miss-communicated. Modern, well designed video conferencing gives you high definition video and an audio system that makes every conversation easily understood by all in attendance.

These same technologies can also make school or any rooms where people meet, much more efficient and easy to use. Remember, it’s all about communications.

Wired Technologies has the products and experience to give you just such systems and they can be designed to fit most budgets.

Installed Audio Video System


  • Video Projection
  • Tele-Conferencing
  • Digital Signage


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