Electronic Systems for

Why do you need Wired Technologies?

  • Our systems protect your employees and assets, mitigate liability, and increase productivity.
  • Our technicians are of the highest in skill level and professionalism. They are trained in the most current technologies and complete a superior quality of work.
  • Design, Sales, Installation, & Service - Your single source for all of the below systems.

CCTV / Video Surveillance

  • Video security is both deterrent and means of visual documentation.
  • Protect employees and the public - View and record parking lots, entrances, walkways, and all public areas.
  • Secure information and assets - Deter would be intruders, thieves, and vandals with exterior cameras.
  • Piece of mind.

Access Control

  • Realize savings associated with keying/rekeying doors, distributing and managing keys.
  • Easily manage who has access to what doors and at what times.
  • Systems keep an audit trail to know who entered or tried to enter what doors and when.

Paging and Emergency Notification

  • We design and install systems ranging from basic paging to advanced zoned audio that can provide paging, emergency notification, background music, pre-recorded messages and more.
  • Noise masking - Keep private conversations private.
  • Our Systems are designed for complete coverage and high fidelity.

Intercommunications Systems

  • Telephone systems for office, phone line, and paging communication.
  • Intercom systems for communication between entry doors, office, shop, and warehouse areas.


  • Increase attendance, attention, and information retention at meetings with video and audio systems for conference rooms, council chambers, and meeting areas.